Why Faith Christian School

These qualities and more make FAITH Christian School a great choice.

We are a ministry of Faith Evangelical Free Church. We have been serving the families of Dallas and the surrounding area for over 30 years! Our teachers and staff members love the Lord and are excited to share their faith with the students. God is the center of all we do here.

  • Students, families, and staff all comment on the special “feeling” of the school. People have often said this is a Christian school like no other. We feel like family.
  • Former students who are in college often come back and volunteer their time teaching drama, music, art, band, etc. because they love the school so much. They come back to visit often and stay very connected to their teachers. Graduates who have grown and married are now starting to send their own children to school here.
  • Our curriculum is high level and Christ centered. Our SAT test scores are often extremely high. We expect a lot from our students and we challenge them to do their best at all times. But we also are able to offer help to the child who struggles academically because of the small class size.
  • Character development is very important to us and every year the students are encouraged to be people of integrity, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, etc.
  • All students starting in first grade learn computer skills. They begin with keyboarding skills and move on to type all their writers workshop papers by fifth grade.
  • Mission’s Week is a favorite activity of the school. We encourage the students to listen for God’s call in their lives. Many students have gone on to do short term missions trips and some are serving full time in the mission field.
  • We are especially proud of our Junior High worship band. We also offer Chapel, PE, Library, and Computer every week.
  • We offer preschool through eighth grade. Our teachers are highly qualified and certified through the state of Oregon. We have an excellent teacher to student ratio.
  • Come and take a look for yourself and see just how wonderful Faith Christian School really is!