Afternoon Enrichment Program

3 – 5 year olds

Newsletter and Calendar

    1. Anna Ziesemer
      Afternoon Enrichment Program
      (3-5 years)

      Anna Ziesemer is the teacher for the enrichment class. She is a godly woman who has many years of experience teaching young children.

    2. The program runs from the end of the preschool/kindergarten classes (11:15 AM) to the end of the grade school day (2:50 PM). Parents will collect their children and sign out each day.
    3. The cost of the program is $15.00 per day for students enrolled in our school and $17.50 per day for students just attending the enrichment class.  We do not accept drop-in students. Parents may sign up for programs that are one day, two days, three days, four days, or five days a week. They will register for the enrichment program separately from the preschool/kindergarten classes. Mrs. Ziesemer keeps track of attendance and Juli Tschiegg will bill the parents at the end of each month.
    4. The program includes lunchtime, recess, rest time, library, music, Spanish, computers, art, snack, and science. It supplements and enriches the programs the students are receiving in the mornings at FCS.
    5. The Enrichment class has the same guidelines as the other classes at Faith Christian School, including those in the Parent/Student handbook. This class has the same days off and uses the same calendar as the rest of the school.**Please call the school office to register your child before school begins so we can plan for the correct number of students.