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Box Tops for Education

This is a program that General Mills created to help support education and benefit America’s schools.  You will find these Box Tops on hundreds of their products. Just cut them out and bring them to the school.

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Parent Classroom Volunteers

     The goal of Faith Christian School is to educate your child giving them a solid academic and spiritual foundation.  The school allows and welcomes parents in the classroom to volunteer for one purpose and that is to help the teacher.  We understand that many parents would like to be involved in the classroom, however some teachers may prefer not to have parents in the classroom at all, and we totally support that decision if they so choose.  If the teacher decides to use classroom volunteers, she will chose a time that fits into her schedule.  The parents are asked to respect these times and not pressure teachers for alternate times to fit into their own personal schedules.  Siblings are not allowed in the classroom during volunteer times.  We praise God for the many volunteers over the years who have faithfully served the school to help make it the best it can be!

What to expect

     Often a teacher will collect items to be copied, traced, cut out, etc. and put them in a tub for the parent volunteer to work on during their scheduled time.  The parent takes the tub to the teacher workroom and completes the tasks.  Occasionally, a teacher will ask the classroom volunteer to work with a child that may need extra help.  If this is the case, we ask that the volunteer keep those things confidential.  Expect your volunteer time to be approximately an hour or less per week.

Annual Benefit Auction

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and makes possible all of the things PTF provides for the students. Funds are used for tuition assistance scholarships, which benefit more than half of the families at FCS, and many other programs, field trips, equipment, and even school supplies!

The auction is coordinated by the PTF board, and all FCS families volunteer their time to help. Planning begins early in the year and there are many ways for parents to be involved: donations, sponsorships, selling tickets, setting up or cleaning up, etc.

The auction is held on a Saturday, usually at the end of April. It is a full evening featuring silent and live auctions, a full dinner and a lively dessert dash.