Missions at FCS

We want to be known as a school that is generous, loving, hard working, and loyal.

It is our sincere desire at Faith Christian School to instill into the hearts of our students a longing to serve God that will last for their entire lives. As with any child, the hearts of our students are constantly being bombarded by the world and its expectations. It has been our prayer that God would bring into the life of the school, opportunities that allow the students to serve and give. Thankfully, and to our delight, He has done just that! Over and over, He makes us aware of needs that we can help with. We want to be known as a school that is generous, loving, hard working, and loyal. Our students literally delight in the act of raising money and giving it away. Not only do we give, but we also PRAY ……. and work hard! For instance, we praise God for the opportunity that we have had to form a special bond with a children’s home in Uganda. God has used this relationship and experience to touch the hearts of our students in a profound and life-changing way. Every year for the past 30 years we have held a Missions Day celebration where we have activities that expose our students to God’s commandment to take the Gospel message to all the world. We are a school that puts a strong emphasis on missions along with an academic program that stresses a Christian worldview. In doing so, we are confident we are offering a well-rounded Christian education at Faith Christian School.


Missions Activities:

      1. James 2 Community Kitchen: Some of the proceeds from the school store are given each year (usually $100).
      2. Union Gospel Mission: We have had junior high students working at UGM, and 5th & 6th graders collecting toilet paper to donate.
      3. Samaritan’s Purse: Each year we collect shoe box gifts and take them into Salem for transport around the world. Last year we took in more than 100! The school store students have also purchased mosquito nets, fishing supplies, and chickens with their profits.
      4. Marion/Polk Food Share: First grade class led a canned food drive.
      5. Dallas Retirement Village: The school performed our Christmas program for them and the preschool and kindergarten made decorations for their bulletin board. Also various classes have visited and performed.
      6. World Vision: Our 7th and 8th grade class has gone to Tacoma and worked in their missions center as volunteers.
      7. Veterans: We have a special chapel service each year to honor the veterans in our area. We serve them lunch and perform for them. Ours students have also written letters to men and woman serving in Afghanistan. Our junior high students were invited to welcome Honor Flight Vets in Washington DC. They stood for 45 minutes and shook hands with veterans.
      8. Camp Attitude: The 5th and 6th grade class had a pop can drive to raise money to sponsor one camper. We have had several school families and teachers work on the servant team during the summer and some of our students work as Buddies. Our junior high class spent several days up at camp cleaning and getting the camp ready for use in the Spring.
      9. Salvation Army: Our 1st and 2nd grade classes were bell ringers at the mall during Christmas season.
      10. Homeless Project: At Christmas time the Kindergarten class designed and constructed granola bars with a dollar bill and love note wrapped around it to be handed out from your car to homeless people at intersections.
      11. Christmas Cheer: We collected tuna fish to be given out in the Christmas cheer boxes and several of our school families and students helped the morning the boxes were assembled.
      12. Missionary Letters: The 5th and 6th graders have written letters of encouragement to our FEFC missionaries.
      13. Mercy Childcare Uganda: We have had the privilege to form a friendship with the director and the children of Mercy Childcare. Our leadership class sponsors a child from Mercy at $40 a month. There are ten children total who are sponsored by staff or parents from FCS. The students gave an offering of over $5,300 (to help build the new babies’ home) after a week of various missions and fund raising activities:
        1. Sold hot lunch to school kids
        2. Talent show proceeds
        3. Pancake Breakfast
        4. Sold Val-o-grams
        5. Collected money in piggy banks for jobs around the house